SKEEN Matthew “Skeen” Rodriguez, an independent artist from Sullivan County New York, is one of a few rappers that describe himself as free, fun, honest and anxious to get genuine messages through to anyone with a set of speakers. With a variety of content, cadence and a knack to ride the pocket of the beat, Skeen is definitely an artist that will be around for years to come. His ability to lure you in to the flow of the record is like none other. Being engulfed in a musical setting since early childhood, Skeen found inspiration from his listening to his father’s vast music collection. After taking a keen interest in writing and rapping, Skeen has spent the last 8 years tuning and mastering his craft. After compiling debut mix tape projects in 2016-17, Skeen was a well on his way to a now strong discography with over a handful of projects yet to be heard. Since 2016, he has released 2 mix tapes: “Resume” and “Finessin” and in 2017, released 3 singles to the public to listen to. All projects were well received and opened more doors for Skeen musically and professionally. With the 2018 release of “Traptoon Network”, Skeen looks to expand his ever-growing fan base and provide the world his unique sound to vibe to. Known for creating witty and lyrical flows to reflect how he feels about the current state of love, everyday life or just having fun. Skeen brings an upbeat sound and unique flow to songs like “High Life” and “Make it”, which will be the first two records to be featured off the “Traptoon Network” EP. Radio stations and playlist curators alike will soon be taking notice of Skeen’s undeniable flow. With the purpose of unleashing the truth and daring anyone listening to not rap along and bounce to the beats, Skeen’s mission to “Forever Finesse” through music makes him realize that his talent needs to be shared with the world and the people who live in it.