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Boom Bap

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Boom Bap the term typically stands for the hard raucous kick drum (The Boom) and the snappy dirty snare (The Bap).

This genre and music production style of hip hop started on the east coast beginning in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Boom Bap is a style/sub-genre of hip hop characterized by hard-hitting drums, usually containing the kick drum/snare drum/hi-hat combination rather than claps, snaps, TR-808 bass drums, cowbells, shakers, and various other percussion sounds used for rhythm. Usually, the BPM is at a moderate tempo and mixed so high it’s almost impossible to listen without bobbing your head.

  • East Coast Hip Hop
  • Underground Hip Hop
  • NYC Backpack Urban Flow
  • MPC – Samples & Loops
  • Sampledelic
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