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“The Mind, The Music, The Movement”

               – Nova describing the philosophy of ANION MUSIC LLC

Connecticut-based producer-engineer Christopher Ruiz, a.k.a. Champagne Supernova, a.k.a. Moonroof Morocco, is the real thing-a multi-talented producer, songwriter, and performer with a sound all his own and serious “star” potential. An independent music producer of the self-made variety, Ruiz has the rare ability to effectively write, perform and self-produce music for himself and multiple artists, with a fresh new sound, that distinguishes him from the vast sea of talented producer-engineers proliferating today. A producer at heart, Ruiz effortlessly delivers a witty, honest “you get what u see” approach – exemplifying the often used, but rarely seen the phrase, “he is most comfortable behind the boards”.


Raised in a small suburb in Connecticut on weekdays, and surrounded by the concrete jungle of New York City on the weekends, Ruiz was exposed to numerous cultures and mindsets, which can be heard throughout his music. By the age of 12, Chris displayed a gifted ear for music and began impressing family and friends with his extensive knowledge of various musical genres and his ability to mix on his turntables at a young age. By his late teen years, he was performing with a local rap group named Legacy, throughout the Tri-State area, eventually landing a spot on stage at the world-renowned Apollo Theatre. A year after graduating high school, Nova moved to the Big Apple, where he enrolled in the Audio Engineering Program at The Institute of Audio Research. After successfully completing his recording degree, he then enrolled as a full-time student at Fordham University’s College of Business Administration in order to further his education in marketing and management, which would allow him to run his soon-to-be Record Label/Production Company effectively. An internship with Jive Records and sessions at some of NYC’s premier recording studios helped Nova gain a grasp of the ins and outs of the recording industry. Inspired by rubbing elbows with music’s elite, his creative skills flourished, and the thriving New York hip-hop scene was a far greater inspiration than he anticipated. Soon his love of DJing and rapping was replaced by an even greater love—-producing.


Champaigne’s talents and his background as an artist/producer and his brand, ANION, have captured the attention of hip-hop heavyweights in the music industry with several artists contributing to features for Anion releases, including Havoc of Mobb Deep, Uncle Murda of Roc Nation, Hussein Fatal of The Outlaws and the latest mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, to name a few. Anion Music has received success thus far in the independent world of music with placements and features in nationally distributed magazines and earning the label’s first recording artist a nomination for Most Promising Male Rapper at the Underground Music Awards in 2008. On Tha Real Magazine, Mo Flavor DVD Magazine, the fastest-growing Hip-Hop DVD magazine in Europe, Drahma Magazine Worldwide, Rap Fanatic Magazine, and Protégé Magazine all have published articles about Anion’s top artist and the label. Alongside the magazines; Anion music has been shown love from the mixtape circuit, including features on projects from DJ Ron G, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Superstar J, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Absolute, and more. Anion produced music can be heard on a variety of radio stations ranging from, Brooklyn’s 94.3 FM, www.chuofmin Ottawa, Canada, Connecticut’s Caliente 980 AM, Jammin 107.7 CT, Q105 CT, www.myradiolive.comand DJ Kay Slay’s infamous Drama Hour on New York City’s Hot 97. Anion produced or written music is available for streaming across all digital platforms. Currently, the Anion roster consists of 4 artists each of which hails from a different demographic adding diversity and a wider fan base for Anion Music LLC. After taking a few years off from focusing on mainstream talent, Nova focused on the indie market producing records for countless independent artists nationwide. “Working in both environments has helped me gather a well-rounded perspective on how the industry moves and also has helped me figure out which direction I wanted to take”. – Nova. With the rapid growth of in-house, one-stop shops, ANION as a brand has also expanded by now offering merchandise to customers. Everything from hats, hoodies, and t-shirts, to embroidered outerwear and women’s workout gear, is available. All the logos are designed by Nova and are available for purchase on anion’s website. DJ services, Music Recording Services, Music Production, and more, Anion Music has it covered and Ruiz is set to leave his mark in the industry for years to come.

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